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I'm here to help you. If you've got a question about food, vegan fitness, nutrition – or anything at all – don't be afraid to ask! I've been through it all, I've learned a lot, and I love helping people who are making a shift to the vegan lifestyle. I also appreciate compliments, praise, and a little flattery.

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  1. I've been vegan 8 months or so now and was wondering if the vitamin B12 deficiency was real? If so what supplement would you suggest?

    1. You do need to supplement B12 because you won't find reliably sufficient quantities in plant based foods -- even nutritional yeast, it can be difficult to know for sure how much B12 you're getting. It's best to supplement with B12 from cyanocobalamin. It's easy, cheap, and you know exactly how much you're taking. My favorite source for B12 intake recommendations is Jack Norris RD. For people aged 15 and up, he recommends between 5-100mcg taken daily as one possible dosing strategy. I personally take a daily multivitamin that has 50mcg of B12.

      If you're new to your vegan diet, it's a good idea to get your bloodwork done every year or so -- sooner if you're experiencing any health problems. It's challenging to adopt a new diet without making some mistakes, and many new vegans learn the hard way that they're not getting enough iron, B12, or even calories. Eating a balanced, nutritious vegan diet is not complicated, but it takes some experience, so I recommend doing a little research, and tracking what you're eating for a while on Cronometer to make sure you're eating enough calories and that you're not neglecting certain vitamins or minerals.


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